Replace RV Sewer Valve

Replacing your RV Sewer Valve is relatively easy task and can be accomplished in about one hour.

I would highly recommend that you replace the bolts provided in the replacement kit with stainless steel bolts that can be purchased at any local hardware store for less than ten dollars.

I used the Valterra RV Sewer Valve (3 inch).

Remove the Valve

  1. Empty and thoroughly flush the black tank. Drain the gray tank to flush away any remaining black material. Close the valve.
  2. Place a container underneath the valve to catch drips. Suitable containers include an old coffee can or aluminum baking tray.
  3. The valve slides in between two flanges. It is held on with four nuts, bolts and washers. Hold the bolt still with one wrench and turn the nut until all are removed–or vice-versa.
  4. Gently pry apart the two flanges and work the valve out. If there is resistance, push on the sewer pipes so that they move away from one another. The valve may drop out, or you may need to twist it gently.
  5. The valve has two rubber gaskets, one for each flange. Check to see that they came out with the valve. If not, pull them off the valve. There may be some dripping at this stage.

Replace the Valve

  1. Clean both flanges and apply a light coating of grease to the pipe and the new valve. Place the new gaskets on the new valve.
  2. Gently slide the new valve between the flanges. Using stainless steel bolts start the bolts and turn the valve gently to ensure it is seated firmly. Gently tighten, but do not overtighten, the bolts and nuts. Use the stainless steel bolts that you purchased at your local hardware store. They are 1/4″x20 at 2″ in length. This will ensure the next time you have to replace the valve it will go much easier. Mine were totally rusted after only 5 years of use.
  3. Wipe off any remaining mess and discard the rags. Your new valve is ready to use.
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