Replace RV Sewer Valve

Replacing your RV Sewer Valve is relatively easy task and can be accomplished in about one hour. I would highly recommend that you replace the bolts provided in the replacement kit with stainless steel bolts that can be purchased at any local hardware store for less than ten dollars. I used the Valterra RV Sewer […]

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Santize Your Fresh Water Tank

You should sanitize your RV water system at least 2 times a year. Once in the beginning of the camping season and again at the end of the season before winterizing. Clean and safe water is very important to your health. If your RV has been sitting in storage, or has not been used for […]

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How To Razor Clam – Razor Clam Digging

  HOW TO RAZOR CLAM You will learn about razor clam digging, razor clam cleaning and cooking razor clams in this video.  Digging razor clams is a exciting family activity when visiting Seaside Oregon. RAZOR CLAM DIGGING – “Learn to dig razor clams with a clam gun” Clatsop Beach near Seaside Oregon is 18 miles […]

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